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Moi Therapy is the versatile, pocket-sized trigger point therapy device that can be used by anyone, on any part of the body, in any environment. It is perfectly designed for selfcare that works around your life. Take a moment each day to give your body exactly what it needs.

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Our Story

Moi Therapy is engineering excellence. A brand that is a solution for active people with muscle complaints. The inventor desired to create devices which were environmentally conscious, aesthetically pleasing as well as both affordable and most of all effective. The devices were created for all people, covering a wider demographic in age, social activity and sporting endeavours.

Birthed in a time where human contact became restricted, Moi Therapy has developed tools which will accurately locate affected areas whilst being so compact that they can be placed in a pocket ready to travel anywhere with you.

The introduction of effective alternative therapeutic devices can reduce the excessive reliance on physical therapy for stresses and strains and allow individuals to complement their professional therapy program with cost effective and manageable, self-applied instruments. The devices are designed to be usable in ANY environment.

martial artist using moi therapy thermo massage device

Inventor's Note

Gifts can come in different forms. As a child I frequently received gifts of Lego and Meccano sets. I would spend hours problem solving and building things; investing my mind into mechanical fantasy, drawing, building trains and flying space craft. I loved being creative but lacked the confidence to identify skills within myself. In school I received a gift in the form of a teacher and later friend; her name was Mrs Moira Emmett. She would speak to students and both encourage and comfort them. Mrs Emmett gave me words which inspired me, she declared that she saw something in me… A passion and determination, I was certain to achieve and this encouraged me to look beyond my own self- imposed limitations.


Absorbing the encouragement, I made it a part of my life and work. I have spent 25 years creating and designing solutions within the automotive industry, contributing to the development of some of the worlds most iconic and loved luxury brands. I have maintained a lifelong passion for innovation, design and engineering. I seek to create products which fulfil and enhance lives as my life changing gifts have done for me.

woman massaging a back with moi therapy device

After experiencing personal injuries from my neck all the way to the bottom of my feet through sport, I wished I had a device I could use to relieve these issues whenever and wherever I needed it.

a young boy holding a moi therapy massage device

I looked around and saw family members, loved ones, work colleagues and the general public suffering too; hobbling, protecting injuries and having severely reduced mobility.


In that moment I realised the need for products which can be carried around daily and used to address discomfort at any time of the day.

I challenged myself to develop a customer-focused item that was timeless and inclusive to ALL ages and ALL athletic ability. I committed myself to creating a tool that would address everyday problems before, during and after any activity. We are not all fortunate enough to afford or receive professional therapy treatment at the time we most need it and for this I was committed to delivering tools that are convenient and necessary to your rehabilitation while in wait.


My gift to you is Moi Therapy!

Thank you,

Wayne McDonald - Founder, Inventor and Designer of Moi Therapy

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