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Moi Therapy Ltd.

5 The Quadrant



tel: 07437 434767

  • Can Moi Therapy be used directly on skin?
    Yes, it can be used on skin or over clothing.
  • Do you use recyclable materials?
    Yes, Moi Therapy products are made with recyclable materials.
  • Is Moi Therapy good for Plantar fasciitis?
    Yes, Moi Therapy products are good for massaging all parts of the foot area.
  • What is the difference between Thermo and Compact?
    Thermo is more ergonomic for the hand while addressing the bigger muscles and has the added benefit of offering a cold or heated therapy. Compact is a slimmer unit suitable for the smaller muscles.
  • Is Moi Therapy suitable for all age groups?
    Yes, absolutely!
  • Do I need batteries to use Moi Therapy products?
    No, Moi Therapy products do not need batteries or any form of external power supply, making them ideal to travel with.
  • Where are Moi Therapy products made?
    Moi Therapy's manufacturer is based in the UK.
  • What testing and research has been done on Moi Therapy products?
    Moi Therapy has worked closely with Birmingham University on research and testing.
  • Is the product any good for tight shoulders?
    Yes, Moi Therapy is excellent for tight shoulder release.
  • What material are the products made from?
    Moi Therapy products are made from PC ABS recyclable plastic.
  • Are the products vac formed?
    Moi Therapy products are injection moulded.
  • Do I need to add any oils when using Moi Therapy products?
    No. Moi Therapy's use of the ball allows for multi-directional movement with ease. Lubricants can be used but are not essential.
  • Is Moi Therapy good for sciatica?
    Moi Therapy has not been tested specifically for sciatica, however our products are designed to soften tight muscles.
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