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Mr Sterling, 46

I have used Compact and Thermo from neck to feet. I use it daily to address fatiguing areas when I practice Ju jitsu.  The two devices have really helped me get the pain relief when I need it.


Mr Hale, 62

I ran the VLM on Sunday 4th Oct, and am now doing Ironman Kona VR full distance, six days later, so massaging hip flexors, glutes, quads and calves to be race ready. This has been fantastic and walking now without pain, four days later.


Miss Morris, 44

This product is so easy to use and angle on the correct area on my foot to help manipulate plantar muscle. Very easy to use and can be used at different angles to obtain a deeper massage.


Mr Ryan, 27

Felt almost instant relief after using it - especially neck and wrist. A little awkward on the hip (reason for 8 stars not 10)


Mr Heslop, 59

Very effective in its ability to apply deep massaging pressure to point of need.


Miss McDyer, 32

Very robust! It was strong enough for me to lay on and take my weight which was ideal for shoulder pain.


Mrs Cobert, 54

Enjoyed testing the product on my foot as recently had severe plantar fasciits on my foot for months.


Mr Coke, 47

A good size and easy to use. Easy to get deep into injuries.


Miss Wint, 48

Seems very simple, but very effective. Was surprised and would use for future injuries and wear and tear issues.

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